Friday, 11 August 2017


No! I did not bloody fart! Lol.

Well here is another blog I forgot to post and update on!

Yeah .. once before I had these big plans where everything was going to change but it never panned out and I never gt t the bottom of it or the reasons?

Yeeah .. this wasn't that.

But as it turns out the 'that' has returned from the proverbial grave and in a week from now I should have the answers I sought for so long.

Also the issue I had has been completed for the most part. Enough for e to make the radical changes I sought just over a year ago. Or was it two?

Did I ever mention that I live with various pains, a number of things that cause discomfort and anxiety and sometimes literally and I have short term memory issues. Did I mention that I have short term memory issues?! I apologise .. I could not resist that last line.

Sooo then?

Up until now my sessions have included only local areas I reach on my mountain bike? Yeah .. not any longer ..

Soo my cameras have only been classed as enthusiast as best and far from being professional tools? I once again say ... yeeeaaaahhh .. not any longer ..

How about 42 Mega Pixels, effing fast auto focus and 12 frames per second in full 42 Mega Pixels?

How about a fast zoom lens at f2.8 and a 1.4x teeconvrter that is not supposed to negatively effect image quality at all but then at £450 odd it better not!

How about a nice wide angle zoom for landscapes of my travels and some night time stuff?
Say a 24-70mm f2.8?

A Gimbal? Well there were .. two .. but one was an electric one and had two score marks on the handle and did not work .. yeah £650 pile of Zhiyun Crane junk!

Got a Benro though and there was a Spider in the box ..

Yeah the photo editing is ... slooooooow .. need an new PC but then I kinda knew that ..
but .. I can kinda shoot in 4K though and upload?

Here is a Willow Warbler ..

.. and a Gatekeeper Butterfly ..

Wednesday, 2 August 2017


Now you have to compare this post to the last one for what was the whole of July.

Not only was this over just a few days and in a great many different locations but I am also ... re-familiarising myself with .. DRIVING!

I have not driven for a number of years so it has been not only strange but I am in a rather big car. As I was a good driver and worked within the car industry in the past, including Land Rover, it has always been a habit of mine to take things slow with any new car I drive until I familiarise myself with it, its handling and other things.

Due to the time since I last drove I have expanded this so that it is about 6 weeks. Soo .. the further afield, ahem field, trips will come later.

A shame that this has occurred now as it is very lat in the year. Many butterflies have long since finished or at their very taty ends.

We are mere weeks away from Autumn but I even have a plan for that period and .. another blog that I have that has been .. somewhat neglected.

Due to the fact I have so many blogs on so many subjects I have to start planning .. to get the most out of any trips I make.

However to achieve this I will require my next lot of .. items that should be acquired over the next week .. if I can shake this very silly psychological issue, or block, that I seem to have developed? I have to .. well .. force myself presently. Lol.

Very bizarrely in one car park I bumped into an old friend who used to work with animals but is a Policeman these days. As I was about to figure out why my GPS had taken me to the wrong car park upon getting back to my car I heard someone shout "What are you here for?!" and I turned to answer only to see this old friend smiling back at me, with his head on upside down. Long beard and no hair if you did not pick up on that, lol.

He used to own a Land Rover and he spotted mine and we chatted about the roman history of the woods, the wildlife and of course . Land Rovers.

Here are some photos and videos of the last few days ...

Videos ..


Well .. I have been doing .. stuff.

Argh .. it is such a pain. I have been up to several things and waiting around for some things to occur so that I could then improve on everything that I do.

Well .. that is the plan and this has already occurred.

Now then .. I was going through some photos and videos for a post, now my next post, when I realised I had already acquired a number of things from some trips that I forgot to post.

I have this memory .. issue, you see?

Anyhoo now I have to process and reduce the pictures for my blog.

These two .. posts may well be the last of this kind before they are .. improved .. somewhat .. yeeaaah that will be an understatement.

I have also developed these really silly and quite unexpected .. psychological issues due to the number of changes about to take place and the fact that it is somewhat .. overwhelming in different ways. Largely due to memory issues I think?

Anyway here are some pictures of wildlife I have managed to get in July ...

And here are some videos ..