Monday, 1 May 2017


Well the weather has not been great and if it is not turning or feeling cold it has been bloody too windy, often both.

Along with a health scare followed by a car accident that then seemed to aggravate another health condition that then fired off a series of .. distracting symptoms and pain things have been a little busy.

Plus and several weeks back now I placed myself on a course to start my own business and this will tie in, when over on around 4 weeks, with something else occurring.

Something else that will vastly improve both my photography and videos in everything.

So I managed to get out with my camera and  decided that absolutely everything would now be done in manual only for the next couple of weeks. To re-familiarise myself with all the manual settings as well as any new ones.

So I did not really leave the house with the intention of really doing a wildlife shoot ... except on th way back I saw an opportunity to finally film and photograph a Chiffchaff!

Yes they are commonly heard and yes they are not much to look at ... but their shyness along with the fact that they are normally always high up in the leafiest trees has presented me with a challenge that has been going on a couple of years now.

Yeeeah ... I also need to be more patient and get used to setting myself up in ideal spots and staying there.

Yeeaah there is also going to be a swathe of new equipment and not just in photography either.

I know EXACTLY what I want to buy and it involved around half a dozen to a dozen items but I am not going to name brands or models, I do normally like Nikon, as I do not want to tempt fate. I am funny like that. Long years of tempting fate for me personally has never ended well. Normally due to someone else but it has never ended well, almost never.

Chiffchaff ...

Video of Chiffchaff Singing

Sunday, 9 April 2017


Well this was a mostly wasted journey.

I ended up late due to finding out some stuff ... with something I have ... or my family have going on and ended up messaging a lot and on the phone so got out two hours later than planned.

Not that it made much difference as I was aiming to get to a dragonfly sanctuary and ... it turned out to be close until the end of the month! Damn it!!

Loads of Orange Tip Butterflies ... pictures of none!

Head some out of the ordinary bird calls, had hoped to get shots and videos of Reed Buntings and not sure if it was their calls or not.

Anyway I did get a few shots and videos while I was there ...

Shoveler Duck

Great Crested Grebe Hunting

Great Crested Grebe Diving

Great Crested Grebe catching ... RESULT! Not for the fish, mind you!

Great Crested Grebe in Spring Sunshine

Gradually going green..

 A Dunnock, there were three or four of them ...

Until I saw this picture on my PC monitor I had no idea there was a Little Egret at the lake! Flying past the Cormorants ...

A few videos ...



Shoveler Up Ending


Oystercatcher ..

Gulls bathing ...

Great Crested Grebe

Gadwalls ..

Tuesday, 4 April 2017


After a somewhat lengthy hiatus ... I am back.

I can only apologise for my absence in this areas as I was more of less attacked by a couple of evil publis services throughout last year. The details of which are really for my corruption blog, are referred to in posts there and will be revealed in a few months time.

I will also state that I am almost back to full fitness, for doing these things and getting these things as I have to be able to cycle around 25 miles each time I go out.

I first lost a great deal of weight and then without realising it and as I had fought back from the brink of somewhere dark I then put a load of weight on without realising it.

I then ended up in hospital, or a couple of hospitals even, last year and then a couple of times this year, in no thanks to these evil public services in the UK. It turns out that one of said hospitals made a serious mistake in February, just gone, according to another hospital as I was taken into A&E and seen three times like bloody lightning, having loads tests and my blood pressure testing quite high.

As I pointed out to a very nice A&E Doctor there who was worried about my diastolic blood pressure being at 110, it was 121 before I left the house and I can tell you this ...

If the heart palpitations and chest pains were indeed down to my blood pressure then it has been a damned site higher than the 197/121 that I tested before leaving to go to A&E! Several times too!

Anyway ...

Not only am I back ... again but I am going to have a very good 12 months starting from today ... as I am already back out filming had to get mountain bike repaired too another fiasco. Not only am I back out filming but I also have two major things that have been going on. Well .. I mean other than the damned health issues I have two major things.

Two good things.

Both of these will mean vast increases in videos and photographs in ALL subjects, including some blogs that have been somewhat ... neglected but are close to my heart. No I am not talking about palpitations again! Lol.

There will be a vast increase in tools acquired and I cannot emphasise how vast this is.

Added to this there will be vast increases in frequency, quality and quantity and my range will vastly increases and soon enough to ranges that will surprise a lot of people.

These will take place throughout the rest of 2017 starting in about a month or so's time and continue throughout 2018 too and sky is the limit from then on in.

Although both things are inevitable, there is no one that can disappear and/or stab me in the back this time as took place a year ago.

So here are a few things I recently filmed while out ...

Some English Primroses at Forty Hall ..

An uncommon video of a Heron Preening, probably just after it ate a dozen of my mates, the frogs lol.. Hook Marsh Scrape ... if I have the name in the right order? Lol

A Young Greylag that had me stumped ... well it was very far away, lol ...

Good old Gadwalls ..

Three videos of Teal and a few others .. at Marsh Scrape Hooks

Some Shoveler Ducks.. at Hooks Scrape Marsh lol

Friday, 5 August 2016


Well the weather has been crap and currently I am fighting off an attempt to make me homeless, despite the fact I have four things that make me homeless. Fibromyalgia (memory, feet pain and many others), damaged right knee and collapsed discs in y back are just a few of the long list I have. In fact around 5% of what I have, if that.

Trust me it is a drag like you would not believe.

So what with that, the housing situation and the dreadful weather we have been having I ave been somewhat ... preoccupied. Also my legs kind of ... just sort of switched off three times. This was due to the attack on me causing anxiety attacks so bad that they switch off your legs, which can even become permanent. Something else to worry about, ,great.

But I have seen and got something that is kind of interesting as it has occurred both in my garden and 100 yards from my house, more sightings of Jersey Tiger Moths.

I find it amusing that I have never seen the more common Garden Tiger Moths but have now seen several Jersey Tiger Moths over two or three consecutive years. Cannot quite recall if it was last year I first saw them or the year before?

I have now seen three of these over the course of just a couple of days. First one in my garden that look a little tatty and then one about 100 yards away I filmed and then as I walked away another one flew past me.

I have also had a local friend about 2 miles south of me and who knows his animals, comment on one of these posts in Facebook and tell me that he has seen them in Bush Hill Park. So unusually they seem to be fairly abundant in Enfield.

I apologise for the quality of some of the pictures and a video but then they was done on a phone,, a Moto X Style. So ... kind of not bad. Lol.

Monday, 30 May 2016


I had a day out with one of my new cameras, the second one had not arrive just yet but is here now.

Unfortunately my new camera took a tumble and this was not my fault...I stood up from doingg some macro photography because a couple with a pram were coming along a path towards me. I then started to black-out, as I unfortunately so often do, and the next thing I was aware of was lying on the floor on my side and sitting up, wondering where I was.

Turned out I had some sort of major seizure. I could feel convulsions, or violently shaking, as I came around. I bumpeed into the couple later and it turned out I was out for like ten minutes.

I had one of these once before ... a very long time ago and was out for about thirty minutes.

Also quite unfortunately I had been fearing as well as expecting something like this to occur as my black-outs had been getting stronger and I had been falling down on the floor as opposed to leaning and hanging onto a magazine rack while I blacked out in Sainsburys or WH Smiths.

Anyway .. while I was out a got a few things ...

Like Orange Tip Butterflies ...

A very tiny Damselfly like insect which I have no idea what it is ...

A small moth with a single large central white blotch ...

My new CamPark Action Camera which is waterproof and going to ive me a whole new dimension to my videos ... SUB-AQUATIC ;) ...

Tuesday, 17 May 2016


I went out and did some filiming of British Wildlife but not as far as I wanted to and ended up very local at an old wood I like to walk.

Not many people about. Just how I like it!

Except for one person I kind of liked and chatted to for an hour. I ended up explaining about all my blogs and what I do ... to some looks of surprise, shock and horror. Lol.

She punched the air and said she was rooting for me.

Anyhoo I did some testing of a Koolertron Camera Shoulder Mount Stabilizer type ... contraption.

I also tested a replica Nikon remote while out to some mixed results, one time I depressed the buttong in front of the camera, to the right, to the left, below, behind and above and it worked on every press.

But other times it took a couple of presses. I will alter the contacts for the battery and see if that improves things next time?

Anyhoo I filmed me walking a section where I sometimes catch glimpses of Goldcrests, though up very high in the trees swooping out and in again.

I also see what I believe to be a Song Thrush, which is kind of a rare event these days. I believe I have seen one here before and several years prior to this one in 2016.

I have also seen one several miles north of here in the Fishers Green vicinity.

I also see a few Orange Tip Butterflies which is always nice to see.

Here are the testing videos ...

In this last one I end up doing a monologue on another blog subject unexpectedly. Due to an hor long conversation I had with a nice lady called Wyn...

Saturday, 14 May 2016


I finally got out after a day with 14 hours of terrible pain thatt prevented me frrom getting out the day before.

Oddly I did not get half the distance I planned to and not half as many things I hoped to either!

Oh well, at least I got outside, got something that included a nice video of a Robin singing while bathed in sunshine.